Saturday, November 22, 2008

tabby cat personalities

What separates tabby cats from other feline types? 

Their distinctive markings and tabby cat personalities separate them from the crowd! 

It is a misconception that tabby cats are a breed in their own right. Rather, they are a specific type of cat, known for their distinctive markings and features. Tabby cats have four distinct pattern types, including spotted “Ocicats” or striped “Mackerels”, the two most common tabby cat types. Tabby cat patterns are believed to be the most common in both feral cats and “moggies,“ or mixed-breed mutt cats. But most of all, tabby cats are distinguished by their specific tabby cat personalities, which are upbeat and celebratory, although sometimes calm and loving. 

Tabby cat personalities are distinct from other breeds, in the sense that tabby cat personalities are more similar to the personalities of dogs. Tabby cats love to play and explore, unlike cats that don’t have the unique traits of tabby cat personalities, and who prefer to louse around the house and avoid their owners! 

Did you know that tabby cat personalities are also more intelligent than those of other types? Do a simple search online and you’ll see that tabby cat personalities are often rated as being of higher intelligence than other types by both breeders and cat enthusiasts. Speaking of breeders, it is also well known that when a tabby cat is bred with a non tabby cat, the tabby cat genes will be dominant as they are so strong. Thus, those fabulous tabby cat personalities will be readily seen in the kittens of tabby cats and non tabby cats! 

These irreplaceable and fantastic tabby cat personalities are worth specifically seeking tabby cats when you are in the market for a new kitten to bring home to the family. Because feral or abandoned cats are often tabbies, it should be easy to spot one of these excellent tabby cat personalities at your local shelter or pound. The tabby cat personalities will probably belong to the most loveable furry paws that are reaching out for you as you walk through! Good luck in your hunt for one of these frisky and fabulous felines. 

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